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Please inquire at least 6 months in advance


  • A RECENT copy of both the bride and groom's baptism certificates, issued within the last 6 months. If one of the parties is not baptized or is baptized in a different religion please call the office for more details.

  • Civil Marriage License. If you are already married by the civil law we will need a copy of your marriage license. If you have not been married civilly you will need to do so before the wedding or the same day of the wedding (please call office for more details).

  • All couples are required to take marriage preparation classes.


  • $600. We ask for half as a deposit ($300) in order to set the day and time aside for you. The other $300 must be paid off at least one month before the wedding. If you decided to cancel the Mass you will lose your $300 deposit.


  • If you would like to have a choir at your wedding Mass you must contact them yourself. You are welcome to bring a choir from another church as well. Below you will find the contacts for our choirs:

Gloria Peck: 707-479-0862

Denise Comb: 707-478-4246

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